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The musical...

Our Production Team composed by Anna Oggero and Jiaxuan He, is happy to present the new musical Butterfly Lovers - Can love challenge tradition? by Eole Bonnineau and Gianni Barros, and directed by Tiffany Criticos. 

The musical will open at Tristan Bates Theatre on the 12th-15th of Semptember, during Mélange: The New Musical Theatre Festival.

Diverse, collaborative, innovative, experimental and celebrative. Mélange: The New Musical Theatre Festival is a platform where people from different backgrounds come together and celebrate their shared passion for musicals.

The Show

AT 8.30 PM

Launching Concert & Fundraiser-Mélange Musical Theatre Festival
During the concert you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the new songs from Butterfly Lovers!

SEPT 12 - SEPT 15,

Butterfly Lovers in the West End!
 During Mélange - The New Musical Theatre Festival. 
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